How to integrate the coworking platform Cobot


Cobot is a leading management software for coworking spaces, office hubs, and flexible workspaces around the world.

How it works

KleverKey registers webhooks in Cobot in order to invite a user or assign or revoke permissions on a lock based on actions such as activating or deleting a membership.

1. Setup in Cobot

  • Setup your plans or resources
  • Have your domain name ready.
  • Have your access token ready, you can generate one here.

1.2 Activities connected to KleverKey

  • Create or Update Membership: If the member's email address does not yet exist in KleverKey, an invitation with instructions to install and use the app will be sent to the specified email address.
  • Cancelling Membership: All permissions assigned by any plan will be removed from the corresponding KleverKey member.
  • Add / Update Membership: The member gets permissions assigned based on the plan permissions setup in 2.3. Note: If the contract start date is in the future, no immediate message will be sent to KleverKey.

2. Setup in

  • You must be the administrator of your domain. See Add an Admin to Domain for more information.
  • You must have all locks you want to integrate installed and running.
  1. Go to your account and select Integrations, choose Cobot2020-01-14_15h33_34.png
  2. Enter your Cobot domain name, access token and KleverKey API key. Press Save to finish the registration of the KleverKey webhooks in Cobot.2020-01-14_15h34_20.png
  3. Assign a plan or resource from Cobot to a lock in KleverKey by either selecting Add Locks to Plan or Add Locks to Resource. Plan or resource names will be loaded directly from Cobot. Should you not see any plans, make sure you followed the previous steps.2020-01-14_15h11_29.png 
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