Use Smartcards

KleverKey now supports smartcards (High Frequency RFID, 13.56MHz).

A smartcard can be imported and assigned to a user - like you would do it with smartphones.

Everything is managed and synced with KleverKey cloud. You’ll always keep control of your permissions, anytime & anywhere.

Add a Smartcard Permission (App and Portal)

Manage permissions for smartcards easily with app and cloud portal.

Select a user by name or e-mail and then select a smartcard of a user. After granting the permission, the smartcard will be shown in the permission list.

For online locks (e.g. KleverKey Controller C3), the smartcard can be used right away.


If you are using an offline lock (e.g. KleverKey Lock B5), you need one additional step (Update Whitelist) before using the smartcard.

Update Whitelist 

The administrator can use the App to update the whitelist (=access list) in the lock.



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