Why is the App not started when I tap on the NFC antenna?

App is not started when touching a lock

1) Does my smartphone support NFC?

See a list of Android smartphones with NFC: External Link

Note: Your iPhone cannot be used for NFC communication since the NFC chip in the phone is only accessible for Apple Apps.

2) Activate NFC:

Navigate to Settings > Wireless & Networks > NFC > Enable

3) Change the position of the phone when touching the lock

The position and the size of the NFC antenna inside each NFC-compatible Android phone is different. Try different ways how you place your phone on the NFC antenna of your lock.

Another App is started automatically instead of KleverKey 

1) Clear default App settings of another App for NFC:

Navigate to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Select current default App for NFC > Clear defaults

See a guide here: External Link

2) If the default app for NFC is not shown in the list of apps it could be because it is a system process which is started and not a standard app.

You can show the system process in Apps > All Apps > Menu (or settings) > Show system processes

Now you can search for the process which is started automatically (e.g. Tags) and disable it or clear defaults.


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