KleverKey Classic End of Life Information

The KleverKey Classic solution will reach end of life by Q3 / 2024.

You won't be able to use the KleverKey Classic solution after this date and we strongly recommend to plan migration of your installation to the newer KleverKey online solution (www.kleverkey.com) as soon as possible.

Please reach out to our support team to check if and how you can migrate from KleverKey Classic to KleverKey Online: classic-support@kleverkey.com.


Migration options

KleverKey Classic KleverKey Online Remarks
CX2120 KK2120 Migration possible with firmware update ***
CX2172/74 KK2172, KK2174 Migration possible with firmware update ***

No direct replacement possible. Options: KK2120 or KK2172

PHG Voxio Touch KK2150 Replacement
Autec XMP-TMCxxxx KK2150 Replacement
Controller C1/2/3 KK2150 Replacement
Lock B1/2/3 KK2192 RFID only (mobile support by Q3/24)


To migrate a KleverKey Classic installation to KleverKey online, you need to update or replace your locks and add KleverKey Gateway (WiFi) to your solution to establish the connectivity between the locks and the cloud app.

KleverKey Online System Overview

KleverKey Lösungsübersicht


Watch our video to see the advantages of an online solution: Video (German).


* No new features, no new security updates, best effort support (ticketing system)

** no operation of KleverKey Classic cloud, apps not listed in App stores, no support

*** in some cases, a lock replacement might be required to use all features of KleverKey online



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