How to use the Hands-free Mode?

The Hands-free Mode can be used used to let KleverKey access your devices without interaction.

The mode can be enabled for each device separately and works only for yourself. This increases your flexibility across different use-cases.


How to activate the mode

  • Open Lock overview screen
  • Press the three dots (top right corner)
  • Choose Hands-free mode
  • Switch Hands-free mode on (toggle switch)
  • Tap Actions to select the desired action which should be fired when approaching the device
  • Calibrate the distance to the lock by tap on "Press to set range" item (the calibrated value will be shown afterwards)
  • Press save to store the settings



How to use the Hands-free Mode

1. Start from a distance which is greater than the position where you calibrated the Hands-free mode

2. Move towards the KleverKey device for which the Hands-free mode was calibrated. The KleverKey App will search for your device and - if found- access it automatically without any interaction of you.

3. Move away from the calibrated area before entering again to access the device



  1. Enabling the Hands-free mode will drain your battery faster since the App has to scan for devices periodically.
  2. From Android 7 and above, the BLE Scanning Abuse Prevention will make your phone to stop searching for locks silently. For more information about this issue, please visit this link


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