OPEN button does not appear

In order to determine whether to show or not the OPEN button, the app needs to scan and verify that the locks in your surroundings are KleverKey enabled.

Android 7 and above

There is a non-documented BLE behaviour that affects the performance of our KleverKey app for Android versions 7 and above. It was mentioned in the DP4 release notes of Android 7:

We’ve changed the BLE Scanning behavior starting in DP4. We’ll prevent applications from starting and stopping scans more than 5 times in 30 seconds. For long running scans, we’ll convert them into opportunistic scans.

The problem

Navigating repeatedly between the keychain and other screens in a short time lapse.

Our recommendation

In the case where you are in front of the lock and it doesn't appear the OPEN button as it should, pull-to-refresh the Keychain.

Why does this happen?

A very clear blog post explains the technicals behind this issue.


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